Thursday, October 30, 2008

Was RNC's New 'Surgeon' Ad Inspired by Bill Clinton?

The Republican National Committee released a new TV ad yesterday called, "Surgeon."

"Would you go under with a surgeon who has never operated?" the spot asks, posing several questions about Senator Obama's inexperience.

That question seems awfully similar to an analogy Bill Clinton drew back when he was publicly questioning Obama's experience and rejecting the idea that inexperience is a vritue.

"That's like saying that because 100% of the malpractice cases are committed by doctors, the next time I need surgery, I'll get a chef or a plumber to do it," Mr. Clinton told Charlie Rose back in December 2007. "Experience matters."

It's not a particularly novel analogy of course. But the idea the ad has some inspiration from the Clinton comment is reinforced by the spot being released on the same day (or night) Bill Clinton and Obama made their first joint appearance on the campaign trail.

Due to the prevarication of both campaigns, this post requires the disclaimer that I have no idea if or when this ad will ever run and it could be a gimmick-video to distract the press. I bet this one is running though, as it is probably too generic and too late in the news cycle to get much news coverage.

The new spot can be viewed here: